Organizational Coaching

When Need Exceeds Resources

A class specifically designed for a non-profit employees who are struggling to get everything done with the time, money, and resources available to them.

Thriving Through Change

Change continues, whether we embrace it or brace against it, at a relentless pace. This is a class for women who are struggling with the transitions in their lives.

Engaging the Genius of Each Generation

Is a highly interactive class that provides a framework, practical tools, and the skillful conversations needed to harness the synergistic power of different generations.

Building Power-from-Within for Women

Unraveling Curses, Reweaving Selves

Designed for women dealing with changes and transitions in their life, and are trying to shake free of old bad habits.

Getting Past the Inner Critic

With humor, compassion, understanding, honesty, playfulness, depth, and heart we will explore together how we can see through the illusions of the critic. I will share with you what I have learned from over 14 years of being a personal life coach for brave ones who have daringly faced their inner predators.

Reclaiming Your Desire

For many women, knowing what we want can be agonizingly difficult. But we don’t have to stay stuck and cut off from our deep and trustworthy inner knowledge of what we want. We can reconnect with that part of us that knows what we want.

Creating Brilliant Boundaries 

This is not your average, “just say no” assertiveness training for women. This class offers you a chance to get a much bigger understanding of the challenges we all have to meet as we face ever increasing demands on ourselves and our time.

Doing Hard Things

This class is designed for people having to do something new and challenging in their lives. It will help you recognize your strengths, and help you get past self sabotage so you can tackle the big changes in your life.

Election Processing and Recovery Group Coaching for Nasty Women 

If the recent election has you feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under you, come join a group of like-minded women as we explore where we are now and where we might be going from here.