Genius of Each Generation

Are you disturbed by one generation’s work ethic?
Are your team members missing each others’ signals and messages?
Do you yearn for the day when one (or more) team member retires?
Are you feeling like the middle kid, completely ignored and doing all the work while younger and older giants wrangle to get their needs met?

By now we’ve all heard something of generations – if only in casual terms like Baby Boomers or Gen Y or Xers. Yes, it’s true that what happened in our larger world when we were growing up has shaped us in profound ways and lasting ways.

Now that we have 3 or 4 different generations at work – competing and cooperating – it is becoming increasingly evident that we can all benefit from a greater understanding of each other and our generations. Much of what we consider to be conflict or even miscommunication often arises from our generational differences. The great news is: each generation has genius and we can learn to appreciate that in each other. We just need a framework and some handy tools to do so.

Forget Mars and Venus, ever feel like younger and older are from different dimensions?
Do you wish your team would just get along and be more productive?
Are you dreaming of chucking someone’s cell phone out the window just so you can have eye contact and a meaningful conversation?
Or do you wish people would just learn to text and be quick about it?

Genius of Each Generation is a team relationship coaching interaction specifically designed to provide you with a multigenerational perspective and some very handy tools for working well together.

What your team will get from Genius of Each Generation team training and coaching:

  • Understanding of each generation’s strengths, challenges, fears, desires, opportunities, and genius
  • Practical techniques for non-toxic and effective communication
  • Ways of addressing generational conflict productively
  • Awareness of power, privilege, and response to privilege and ways to use privilege for the good of the whole
  • Recognition of the ally or adversary choice and its impact on the system
  • Help with understanding change and how to navigate it successfully
  • Multiple ways to use the genius of each generation to address your system’s pressing challenges

We meet you where you are now by beginning with a Discovery phase to determine your specific team needs. Team relationship coaching shifts the questions from “Who is doing what to whom?” to “What is trying to happen in this system at this time?”. Discovery can include interviews, surveys and/or assessments.

From the Discovery we move to the Design phase where we create the Genius of Each Generation training and coaching that best meets your needs. We work with your designated point person (or people) to confirm our design and work out the delivery logistics. We offer Genius of Each Generation in half-day, full-day, or multi-day in-person facilitated interactions that include training and team coaching. Our Delivery is followed up by an Evaluation and on-going Support as needed.

No matter what you’re called – Traditionalists, Radio Babies, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Echo Boomers, Millennials, Linksters – we all have much to offer!

Curious? Let’s talk.