Including People with Disabilities

Is your workplace disability friendly?
Does your work team need to get past old paradigms regarding people with disabilities?
Do you want to hire more people with disabilities but are meeting some resistance?
Are you willing to include people with disabilities but are uncomfortable and
unsure of what to do?

Then our dynamic, compassionate, interactive, and effective training
Including People with Disabilities
is for you!

We all have limiting ways of thinking regarding disabilities. We have old programs running in our brains about people with disabilities that are outdated, no longer relevant, and simply not true.  And yet these ways of thinking are still there, influencing our behavior towards people with and without disabilities. This is both understandable and something we can change. Our organizations need the gifts and talents of all people, including those with disabilities.

Including People with Disabilities training includes:

  • Historical perspectives on how we view disabilities
  • Getting past history and into our shared future
  • Power and privilege in the workplace
  • The 3 Ps that get us past disability and to possibility
  • Factors contributing to disclosure or non-disclosure
  • Practice with difficult conversations
  • The role of the supervisor in creating a culture of inclusion
  • General information about various categories of disability
  • Reasonable accommodation in and beyond the cubicle
  • Designing mutually beneficial alliances to get the job done
  • Simple Etiquette for ease of interaction for people with and without disabilities
  • Respectful language that doesn’t require a code book
  • Getting over edges – from discomfort to understanding
  • Recognizing how to make organizational change sustainable

“A law cannot guarantee what a culture will not give.”
Disability rights activist Mary Johnson

It’s up to all of us to be involved in the challenging work of culture change, which is so much more than laws, quotas, and good intentions. We’ve got the background, the understanding of how adults learn, and the experience to assist your organization in including people with disabilities.