Team Reboots

Ever felt like your work team needed a bit more umph?

Would you like more of a sense of purpose from your co-workers and employees?

Is your team engine running, and you think it could run more smoothly, efficiently,
creatively and productively?

Or perhaps low morale, lack of focus, conflict, or burn out are zapping your
organization’s ability to meet your mission.

Then consider a “team tune-up” – a facilitated team relationship coaching interaction
designed to:

  • Re-engage your team with your mission in a meaningful way.
  • Re-align team members to your core values – from the ideas to the nuts and bolts.
  • Remember your organization’s reason for being, no matter how long ago you were founded and all the necessary changes you’ve made since that time.
  • Re-imagine the legacy each of you are creating right now.
  • Re-assess your strengths and how you can use them to address your challenges.
  • Reconsider conflict – and what it is telling you about your organization’s needs.
  • Re-establish your values as the foundation for your decisions, operating systems, and ways of interacting with your various stakeholders – in every interaction.
  • Reconnect your team and your various departments to each other, to your customers, and to your purpose.
  • Re-think privilege and the normal response to it as it impacts your system.
  • Redesign how you will face the seemingly unsurmountable challenges together.
  • Re-commit to non-toxic ways of communicating with each other.

Has your organization gotten vague about your mission and values?

Would you like to amp up your team’s productivity and positivity?

Are your team members just going through the motions?

Some of the tools used in the team tune-up process are:

  • Inquiry and discovery to assess how the team is running now.
  • It’s all about the stories we tell – what are your past, present and future stories?
  • Values clarification from the subtle to the specifics.
  • Mission to meaning to meat and potatoes – how are we doing?
  • 4 team toxins and antidotes – making and receiving requests.
  • Getting over scary edges from the known to the new when change is required.
  • Asking why and at what impact three levels deep.
  • Ally or adversary, how we build positive relationships.
  • Building and keeping trust – in self and others.
  • Deep democracy, each person is a voice of the system.
  • Conflict as opportunity – “you bet cha!”
  • Frog in boiling water – what’s happening, where are we going, and is that what we really want?
  • LandsWork – understanding each department and what we are creating together.
  • Crucial conversations – regarding burn out, overwhelm, power and privilege and other very sticky issues.
  • 3 Ps – People, Potential, Possibilities.
  • Power, privilege, rank and response – who gets to make an impact.
  • Genius in each Generation.
  • Meeting the challenge of serving many masters.

We begin with Discovery phase to find out how your team is running and what it needs
at this time. Team relationship coaching shifts the questions from “Who is doing what to
whom?” to “What is trying to happen in this system at this time?” Discovery can include
interviews, surveys and/or assessments.

From the Discovery we move to the Design phase where we create the Team Tune-
Up that best meets your needs. We work with your designated point person (or people)
to confirm our design and work out the delivery logistics. We offer Team Tune-Ups in
half-day, full-day, or multi-day in-person facilitated interactions that include training and
team coaching. Our Delivery is followed up by and Evaluation and on-going Support as

Curious? Let’s talk.