Sourcing the wisdom of place

When I’m in deep transition or pondering world upending changes, I find many of my light bulb insights come from being in nature. It’s not that I’m thinking logically while sitting under willows or walking along the urban river trail. It’s not that I have any plan or formula to follow. Usually I just get exhausted from the hamster wheel of my own thoughts and I simply go outside to play.

There is wisdom we can source from the places that ignite us. For some it might be art galleries or museums or libraries. For me it is the fresh air and the views with way more horizon in them than buildings.

Where do you go to let the wisdom of the place inform you? What places allow you to be filled with inspiration? Where are your sacred spaces that deeply nourish you in your times of transition?

Burrowing owls like this one live in liminal spaces. They make their nests in the ground, in prairie dog burrows, so the are raptors who know the safety of the earth. And they hunt at dusk and dawn, the in between spaces. They have evolved to thrive on the thresholds (and be adorable in the process).

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