Christine Thomas

Personal Life Coach For Women

For Women

Personal life and leadership coaching for women in transition, women doing incredibly hard things, visionaries, change makers, care takers, the doers and creators.

For Non-Profit Teams

Systems coaching and training for rock star non-profit teams whose needs often exceed your resources.

Stuff For You

The playful and practical magic of radiating good will and positivity.

If you’re a woman wanting to instigate or navigate some tricky changes,
If you’re part of a non-profit team facing internal or external challenges,
If you’re a restless seeker yearning for a successful and soulful life,
If your creative soul is demanding you give life to your art,

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Hi! I’m Christine Thomas, an experienced and certified personal life coach and relationship coach. It’s my passion to support women in living their personal power-from-within and non-profit teams in harnessing the power-with that comes from working well together.

What are people saying about working with Christine?

I came to Christine to find balance. Christine has given me tools and exercises that have changed my path in life. Our journey has been filled with laugher and tears and a ton of skills to help me through this maze of life. Plus, she doesn’t let you get stuck on whining, moaning, or trying to analyze why you are where you are.

Gretta A.

Working with Christine is one of the best things I do. I trust her implicitly and know that she is on my side. Christine leaves herself and her agenda at the door. I never feel that she is pushing me toward anything but what I truly want. She will help you to understand yourself and then, how to use that knowledge to overcome obstacles and lead a centered and whole life.

Lee W.

Christine gives you the tools and the guidance you need to move ahead in life with more clarity, self-assurance, and interpersonal skills. Without a doubt, she will push you toward positive change and clarity, but in a way that feels very gentle and supportive without being aggressive or abrasive. Working with Christine is a very empowering experience.

Esther M.