My wish for you, beautiful wise woman, is for you to be heard.

Your unique perspective – arising from your experiences and your passions, your history and your vision, your struggles and your accomplishments, your hopes and your joy, your fears and your fury – your unique perspective holds a necessary piece of our shared truth.

Sure, the playing field is significantly un-level. Yep, it can be nearly impossible to get a word in edgewise. And certainly it can be dangerous to say what no one wants to hear. I know, too, that many of us have spoken out only to be ignored or talked over repeatedly in the past. We’ve all been to that “why bother?” place before because we’ve been dismissed or silenced.

Don’t let the loud talkers, the long talkers, the closed minds and hearts and ears stop you from speaking your truth, resilient one! Don’t let the need to please others steal your knowing or stifle your contribution. This is not the time to doubt yourself or to give up on being heard.

No matter if it’s for the first time or the millionth time, speak your truth again today. Lay claim to what you know and need and want.

4 comments on “Being heard

  1. Great topic .. one that is coming up a lot in our family right now .. feeling heard and learning to listen and speak mindfully. ❤️

    • I appreciate you sharing what’s up for your family, Leah. Some of our deepest learning about speaking our truth, being heard, and listening to others comes from our families of origin. I deeply respect the consciousness of your mothering!

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