Own Your Strong Heart

Green leaf like a heart

Dear ones, wise women of the heart, you who feel and notice and sense the unseen and unmeasurable, the vast intangible realms as well as the natural world, I so appreciate your gifts!

Just in case you haven’t heard it recently or maybe ever, not only is there nothing wrong with you, you are perfect exactly as you are. Owning and living from your strong heart is crucially necessary for your wellbeing and for that of all of us.

We need your sensitivity, connection, and wisdom. We need your strong heart.

Years ago, when my country was planning on invading Iraq to find those nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, some of us went to the office of our US House Representative to speak up against this. While my colleagues could find just the right words to speak their truth about the horrors of war and the need to fully explore other options first, I was moved to tears and could form no words. I could only sob.

In that moment my heart spoke more loudly than my head ever could. Throughout time the utter destruction and immeasurable carnage of war has always been met with sorrow too deep for words to capture.  

But I was embarrassed and judged myself harshly for this response, and I’m quite sure others around me did the same. What good are tears in a debate? What good are our raw emotions in the face of a political agenda? What good is it to wear our hearts on our sleeves, to be easily sensitive to the needs of others, to be gushingly compassionate, to be an empath in the emotional soup of our human lives? What good is it to have a bone deep emotional response to a horrific disaster?

What good is it not to live from the wisdom of our hearts?

Hierarchical power over, logic, and technology alone cannot create a sustainable present or future for us. Our full, aware, knowing hearts are absolutely necessary to our personal and collective survival. Our strong, sensitive, wise hearts are what will save us.

Even knowing that, I also know what it’s like to not trust ourselves, to not trust our ways of being in the world. I know what it’s like to think of ourselves as weak and to attempt to beat ourselves into the submission of “normal” lives. I know what it’s like to want to hide some parts of us. I, too, have wanted to ignore and deny the wisdom of my adorable, sappy heart.

In living our personal power-from-within we begin by owning our strengths, even those that the over culture denigrates or our inner critics seek to destroy.

We just need ways to embrace and wield this power that work for us as well as for others. Personal life coaching for women offers practices, perspective, and tools for doing so.

Woman blowing leaves off her hands

So, dear wise woman, not only is there nothing wrong with your way of experiencing life,

you have a critical role to play, a much-needed superpower to challenge the numbness, confusion and apathy of our often heartless systems.

In one of her poems Hildegard of Bingen, a visionary and mystic from the early 12th century, calls tears, “the aroma of holy work.” In her memory I can now claim my tears as a truthful, holy and necessary response to war.

Heart-shaped door

The emotions that flow through many of us can be part of our connection with Spirit, in whatever way we believe Spirit to be. Our sensitivity may allow us to pick up flirts from the Universe or the unseen world. Often we “softies” are mediums or mystics, empaths or catalysts, healers or priestesses or mages.

Our tears are just the beginning of our meaningful work in the world.

Want to know more? Ready to own and wield the power of your strong heart? Ready to be fully supported for whom you really are?

Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.