When Need Exceeds Resources

Do you have more critically necessary work than you have time or resources to accomplish?
Are you always short staffed or too busy to train people?
Are you constantly running breathlessly to that next appointment or task?
Do you keep waiting for “things to settle down” or “get back to normal” and that never happens?
Do you feel over-stretched, over-whelmed, burned-out with miles to go and no end in sight?
Is your organization challenged by increasing need and decreasing revenues or resources?

Then this coaching and training session is for you!

When Need Exceeds Resources
Thriving in a time of endlessness

We are living in a time of plenty that can often feel like endless demands and way too much…
     ~ too many emails,
     ~ more work to do than we have time,
     ~ so many choices we often become immobilized,
     ~ never ending to-do lists,
     ~ constant change and the relentless need to adapt to it,
     ~ a pace that is beyond 24/7,
     ~ expectations of instant responses,
     ~ plenty of decisions we must make, and people we need to connect with, the list goes on.

Many of us are burnt out, overwhelmed, running as fast as we can and still getting behind. Or we see the needs of the people we serve growing even as our resources for meeting those needs seems to dwindle.

Our plan has been to work harder or faster or maybe smarter – and still it doesn’t feel like enough.

We need an entirely knew paradigm, we need a new frame of reference, and we need some new and powerful tools for stepping out of the patterns that don’t work for us.

You will come away with:

  • A startling new perspective on why we are all nearly constantly overwhelmed
  • An understanding of our brains on scarcity
  • An introduction to the Foundations of Sustainability
  • A plan for your next steps

Here’s a sneak preview of the 5 Foundations of Sustainability for meeting endlessness and scarcity:

  • Go Truthfully – Courageously see the situation as it is, not as I want it to be
  • Go Within – Be willing to do my own inner work
  • Go Together – We succeed through power-with others
  • Get Off the Surface – Get to what really matters
  • Sustainability Rules, So Go Long – Some rules can’t be bent or broken

Sounds like a lot, right? It is. There is a great deal to each of these foundations. I interview each team to design the approach that meets you where you are.  We’ll explore the strategies that best suit your needs. 

Who is this engagement for?
Non-profit leaders
Small business owners
Individuals caught in constant overwhelm
Work teams facing huge challenges
Those continually dealing with scarcity – of money or time or support or other resources

Curious? Want to know more? Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.