Getting Past The Inner Critic

Getting Past The Inner Critic
Defeating the predator that devours our dreams

Every single one of us has some form of an inner critic or harsh inner judge – what Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls the predator that devours our dreams. Whether you call this nasty lying voice the predator, the critic, the gremlin, or the saboteur, we all have to find ways to get past the often crippling internal messages that hold us back and keep us small. This class specifically addresses the ways the inner critic keeps us from living our personal power-from-within and offers highly useful tools, perspectives, and practices to bust through the critic’s illusions.

What you will get from this class:

  • Multiple tools to get past the critic’s lies.
  • Opportunity to explore the critic in safety and with compassion for yourself.
  • Radical and helpful perspectives for new ways of thinking.
  • Practices and a plan for predator lie detecting that build from your strengths.
  • To get to know yourself better.

With humor, compassion, understanding, honesty, playfulness, depth, and heart we will explore together how we can see through the illusions of the critic. I will share with you what I have learned from over 18 years of being a personal life coach for brave ones who have daringly faced their inner predators.

Who is this class for?

People in transition, those feeling overwhelmed, with dreams that can’t seem to get traction, with high standards and endless to-do lists, who are exhausted and can’t find a way to get self-care on their schedules, daring ones who are up to big things and must constantly wrestle with their inner gremlins, those of us who compare ourselves to others and always come up short, writers, artists, homemakers, dreamers and doers, the full range of women and men in process with our inner and outer lives.

Alien menace, inner critic, saboteur, predator that devours our dreams, the gremlin, resistance, edge figure, the judge….

What we call it doesn’t matter. The impact is has on us does.

Every single one of us has an inner voice that haunts us, that repeatedly tells us how awful we are and how not good enough we are now or ever will be. This dastardly inner tormentor’s job is to hold us back, to keep us playing small, and, in no uncertain terms, to keep us from following our big dreams.

You’re not good enough.
Who would want you?
You’re too much: too loud, too fat, too out there, too stupid.
You’re not enough: not smart enough, not pretty enough, not capable enough.
Who do you think you are?
Why bother? You’ve tried this before and you couldn’t do it.
If you can’t do it perfectly you better not do it.
Keep quiet, play it safe, and you won’t get found out for the fraud that you are.
Work harder, clean more, take care of others – this is all you might be good for.

Are any of these nasty messages sounding familiar? No matter what you call this diabolical voice, its purpose is the same: it acts to keep us from stretching and growing and following our dreams, our desires, and our grand plans. It wants to keep us forgetful of who we really are.

The nasty and oh-so-devious inner critic that preys on all humans is such a menace, what if it’s an extraterrestrial plot to keep us from our full power? Join the resistance! Join me in naming this plot and taking action now to fight back! 

Currently I don’t have the next offering of this class scheduled. But don’t wait! If you’re being tormented by your inner critic, contact me now. I’m offering a three 45-minute individual coaching session package specifically designed to give you practical ways past the critic for $360.00. For any questions or to how more, contact me. or 970-353-5535.

We’re not giving in to the critic’s illusions!