Election Processing and Recovery Group for Nasty Women

If you’re still buffeted by emotions since the election,
If it seems like you’re living a nightmare in a foreign land,
If long dormant memories of abuse, bullying, and completely inappropriate encounters are now stirring in you,
If you have no idea what to do with your fury, your terror, your depression, your hopelessness, your vertigo, or your vast reservoir of sorrow,
If each day brings yet another unbelievable and terrifying action and further outrage,

Then come join us – like-minded women in a 9 week group coaching process, 90 minute calls, same day of the week and time for all 9 weeks.
Our next group starts at the end of April. 
Day and time for our tele-group to be determined. Email me know if you’d like to know more!
On the phone, from the comfort of your home.

Together we’ll use a coaching process to explore:

  • Having our emotions without squashing or judging them.
  • Naming the enormity of what is happening.
  • Getting triggered – what it means and how to be with it.
  • The grieving process and how to navigate it.
  • The personal is political is global is personal – stories within stories.
  • How to be with loved ones and others who voted Trump.
  • Specific tools to tell our truth and ask for what we need.
  • What it means to want peace when war has exploded in your living room.
  • Living with the loss of some sense of our selves and our country.
  • Re-membering our selves and our strengths.
  • Creating community.
  • Getting forced over edges into unfamiliar territory.
  • The work ahead. Answering the call of future generations.

Cost – One time fee $139 for all 9 sessions. Space limited.
Email me to join or ask your questions. Christine@hawkview.net
Enter Nasty Women Group in subject line. I’ll recognize you for sure.

Bring your fears, your rage, your sadness, your depression, your determination, your warrior goddess spirit, your confusion, your disorientation, your shock, your curses, your hopelessness, your twisted humor, your trampled dreams, your idealism, your longing, your despair, your radical witchy woman self, your tender hopes –

There’s room and welcome for all of you, for all of us are in this together.
You are not alone!

So many of my friends and beloved clients have been wrestling with intense emotional reactions to the outcome of this past election, that I am inspired to create a group coaching opportunity for women who feel the same.

I’ve seen well-meaning people in social media tell women filled with rage or despair or abject sorrow to, in some way or another, get over it, buck up, you’re better than that, give him a chance. They say these words to comfort themselves.

We have always squirmed in the face of a woman’s unmanageable sorrow.

We have always been terrified of a woman’s fury.

We have been afraid precisely because we know her power.

And I know behind the bluster of bullies there is a whisper of fear of the harnessed fury of millions of women.

I will not talk you out of any of your wild, deep feelings. Rather I will offer a perspective that reminds us all of what is at stake and how we can use the power of our vast range of emotions to co-create the world we want.

Co-Active coaching is grounded in the knowing that each one of us is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. In our group coaching sessions I’ll offer a variety of coaching tools and processes, meeting each of you where you are, and with the judgment-free witnessing of this circle of wise women, we will support each other in facing our world-turned-upside-down coming from our truth, resilience and strengths.

Email me now to reserve your place.

Group size is limited so that everyone who wants to can share.




It won’t do any good to close your eyes or look away. The only way out is through, together.




Just some of what participants are saying you’ll get from being a part of Nasty Women Group Coaching:

“Power, camaraderie, perspective, and motivation to keep on keeping on!” M. S. Colorado

“You will find and assist in co-creating a space of openness, vulnerability, deep sharing, multiple perspectives, thought-provoking conversation, and tremendous honesty! You’ll be stretched way beyond your limits, find some valuable and intriguing points of view, and come away with tools, exercises and actions that you will use again and again throughout your life. You’ll also meet really strong, vibrant and otherwise amazing women who you’ll be honored to spend time with. Whether you’re a creative visionary or a down to earth realist, your voice will be heard and honored, your dreams will be cherished, and your heart will find a home in this group!” K.L. North Carolina

“I would tell other women that the group would allow them to feel ‘whole’ again. That the group will give them tools to move forward, and a feeling of hope and not despair in a time of change.” J. C. Connecticut

“You will receive understanding, solace, and encouragement. You will have fascinating meditations that enlarge your perspectives. You will make new friends even if you never meet them all in person. You will know that there is a support system that rises from the earth and propels each of us forward to create a better world. That may sound hokey but it’s true! If you have the chance to work with Christine, grab it, because she is a gifted coach and a bright light in this gloomy political landscape.” A. D. Colorado