Big tree, moon, and wanderer

Hey there, you who love the high view, the very far view, or as I call it – the hawk view! 

You who see far and yearn for a clear path to our high dreams, 

Restless ones who know there are many roads we can take, few of which will get us to a place where we can all thrive, 

Those of you of the strong third eye, the knowers, leaders, and early warning callers, 

The dream casters and vision holders, 

You, wise women, are exactly who I want to coach!

My heart is with you. I know of your hopes and your terrors, your trust and your doubt, your many strengths and your troubling weaknesses, your call to your work and your panicked wish you could stick your head in the mud like everyone else. It’s ok. You are even more than ok. 

Visioning in a time of reckoning is not for the play it safers. There are perfectly good reasons for you to be freaking out, in full flown anxiety, and maybe even self-medicating. 

I want to be your coach because I am forever committed to a community of women using all of our gifts, tools, inner knowing, power-from-within, power of connection, and ancestor-gifted strengths to light a path forward for present and for future generations.

So, sister, let’s develop these visioning capacities together. I’m eager to hear from you. I’ve got tons of experience busting through the lies of inner and outer critics. I’m pretty good at staying grounded while dreaming. I rule in meeting resistance because I love resistance. Really. In resistance lies trustworthy grit – which we will continue to need as we hold our holy visions. 

Cup and notebook looking out over a valley