Crazy idea, isn’t it, to even play with the possibility that the inner critic, that nasty judging voice we all have, is some kind of nefarious plot by extraterrestrials to sabotage humans? Well, call me crazy.

By whatever name – alien menace, inner critic, saboteur, predator that devours our dreams, the gremlin, resistance, the judge – we have to call it out and be all kinds of creative in getting past this voice that seeks to keep us from our full brilliance.

Check out my video here on this way of looking at the inner critic:

Here’s more on the inner critic as the ET plot:

Join the resistance with me – for one-on-one coaching, organizational systems coaching (yes, those ETs love to sabotage our work teams!), or for my class – Getting Past the Inner Critic Defeating the predator that devours our dreams.

We’re not giving in to the lies and illusions that keep us playing way too small!

So, what lies, illusions or bad alien code are you resisting now?


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