We need vast oceans of self-compassion as we begin any exploration of thriving in our oh-so busy world. Because if we don’t start from deep non-judgment and compassion, we are yet again telling ourselves there’s something wrong with us.

There are perfectly good reasons why we often end up feeling overwhelmed, unable to catch up, and as if there is never enough time or money or love or satisfaction or something within us. There are perfectly good, understandable and completely natural reasons we get to running on empty.

This is one very full, busy, actively changing world! We are all doing our best to figure out how to be successful on multiple levels of reality. As spiritual beings alive in human bodies, we feel the pull to show up as our true selves and at the very same time we are driven by our ancient brains to have our physical needs met. It’s such a weird mystery school of life, isn’t it?

I’m taking a stand for vast galaxies of self-compassion. It’s my way of resisting the inner critic and of celebrating the magnificence of our human experience. Since judgment-free self-compassion is not often modeled and almost never taught, what might self-compassion look like?

Dreamtime single heart or black stones


Be sweet to yourself!
You are perfect exactly as you are!
We’re all like frogs in boiling water – the heat’s been increasing for awhile now we just didn’t know how, or even if we could, jump out of the pot.
So much in our culture is unsustainable. Overwhelm, burn out, and lack of satisfaction are indicative of this lack of sustainability.
There is no way to work harder, or longer, or even smarter to get out of this.
It takes new muscles and a vastly different perspective – and building those can be exhausting, too.
You get to have time for sleep, good food, self-care, and your spiritual life.
There is no benefit at all to beating yourself up.
Be who you are. Do what you can. Let the rest go.

What does self-compassion look like to you? How do you love yourself just as you are, even while you’re wrestling big alligators (as my sweet Mama says) and getting pulled apart at your mystery school of life (as I say)?

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