Building our power-from-within in a soul stealing world

When I ended up in the emergency room so many years ago, my heart was racing out of control. My life felt on one hand as if everything was moving ahead as planned, and on another as if I was being pushed along by forces completely out of my control.

My racing heart set me firmly on a new path, on a journey from which I could not escape. My racing heart demanded my attention. (Late night trips to the ER will do that.) My heart woke me up to the realization that even though I was smart and capable, well educated and creative, even though I was doing all the right things and making really good life choices (ok, maybe not saving enough money or flossing daily, but that’s all, really), and even with all the LOVE in my life – huge, reliable, vast oceans of it – all of that was not enough to save me. It was not enough to keep me from being mauled and mowed over by the awesome forces of outer culture and inner critic. I needed more. I needed different. I needed something else.

What did I need?

  • A model for being successfully in the world while keeping my soul vibrant.
  • To know I was more than OK just as my self and permission to be my True Self.
  • Tools for what I call practical feminism – a body of knowledge for how to be a strong, empowered, loving, thriving woman – and practical magic – the ability to shift consciousness at will.
  • A sense of the divine that honored the sacred feminine and womanhood.
  • A more powerful story of who I am and my role in the world than the one I’d picked up along the way to adulthood.
  • A Wise Woman tradition or worldview that honored my life cycles, seasons, needs, dreams, and inner knowing.
  • A connection with Spirit and Earth that spoke my language.
  • A circle of women who treasured me and my dreams.
  • To find, know, and love myself so I could live my unique brilliance.
  • Trusted inner and outer allies.
  • An inner frame of reference, grounded in the intangible, that appreciated my struggles, my life, my values, my beliefs, my dreams, my possibilities, my gifts, my strong heart, and my sweet soul.

I needed a way to define, know, and build my power-from-within, a way truly aligned with my core values and my unique way of being.

When I am living full out from my inner center of reference, from my power-from-within, I call that running with wild horses in the moonlight. It can be terrifying and yet it feels just right.

In the posts to follow I’ll share with you some of what I’ve learned along the way. There’s a lot to this practical feminism and practical magic. There’s a great deal to building our power-from-within. And these are exactly the conversations I want to have. Will you join me?


8 pointed star of power-from-within


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