Being an elder

“The leader seeks a majority; the elder stands for everyone…
The leader strives to be honest; the elder tries to show the truth in everything…
Leaders try to be better at their jobs; elders try to get others to become elders…
The leader knows; the elder learns…
The leader needs a strategy; the elder studies the moment.
The leader follows a plan; the elder honors the direction of a mysterious and unknown river.”
~ Arnold Mindell in Sitting in the Fire

Of course we need a workable plan for the next steps in our lives.  At the very same time we are already becoming elders as we study the moment, keep learning, and honor the flow of that mysterious and unknown river that is the unfolding of our lives.

What does being an elder mean to you?
In what ways have you begun to feel like an elder?
How might you take on more of the role of being an elder in your tribe?

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