I know you’re busy. We all are.

I know you’ve got deep, emotionally charged stuff going on now. We all do.

I know you feel pressure to get things done, to pay attention, to look good, to take care of others, to make your way in the world at whatever phase of life you’re in.

It’s true. There are some nightmarish things going on in the world right now.

Yep. Life is full, demanding, challenging, exhausting.

In all of that, may you be wildly successful in the uplifting dreams of your heart.

And today may we all find some joy in the simple pleasures of life. May there be enough breathing room for us to know a spark of delight, an effortless smile, and a bit of ease.

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    • Thanks, Elizabeth Bliss Jenkins! I really appreciate hearing from you. It gives me joy to know this message was well received.

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